Hemp Uses

What can you make from hemp? When you think of it, you probably think of tie dye tee shirts. But there is so much more. From clothing and accessories, many forms of food and food substitutes, to building materials, hemp is a very versatile crop.

It also can make a plethora of food items. The seed can be used to produce an oil that is incredibly healthy and better than olive oil for you. It can also be made into hemp milk which can be a base for non dairy substitutes like soy. The leaves can be dried and turned into hemp flour as well.

Hemp can be used to make all forms of apparel from hemp shirts to jeans to shoes. It can also me made into jewelry, bags, and other accessories.The materials for all of these things can range from durable hemp denim and canvas to stretchy hemp weaves to incredibly soft hemp silk blends.

Hemp Mesh Bag

Hemp also has a wide range of industrial applications as well. It can be made into a composite that can be used for such a thing a lighter car panels. It can be used in a wide range of building materials and entire buildings can be made from it. Wooden ships used hemp canvas for sails and hemp rope for the rigging.